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2014 Primary Results (Unofficial)

The St. Joseph County Election Board Meeting scheduled for  June 25th has been cancelled and rescheduled for Thursday June 26, 2014 at 10:30 a.m. in the County Council Conference Room, 4th fl. of the County City Building.


Climatic Conditions now being such that the occurrence of damage to County roadways are substantially lessened, St. Joseph County rescinds the order implementing St. Joseph County Ordinance 66-97 seasonal weight limits for the calendar year 2014, effective April 28, 2014.

Beginning Monday, April 28th, crews will be removing the posted weight restriction signs from the roadways covered under the order. 

Indiana Travel Advisory Website

The Indiana Travel Advisory Website link above shows the level of travel advisory the state/counties has issued. For more information please click the link above.

The St. Joseph County Commissioners welcome you…and hope that this website provides you with the online information and tools you are seeking!

Established in 1830, St. Joseph County, Indiana has become the fourth largest county in the state of Indiana. The county spans 467 square miles, which includes a comfortable mix of rural cultural heritage and urban amenities. St. Joseph County is also the regional center for higher education. The County is home to more than eight colleges and universities including but not limited to Notre Dame University, Indiana University, Purdue Ext., Bethel University and St. Mary’s College.

St. Joseph County provides convenient living, with easy regional access to its parks, bike and pedestrian walkways, regional beaches, lakes and many cultural activities. St. Joseph County has been a leader in industrial and manufacturing business opportunities, technology development, which combine to offer excellent opportunities to its St. Joseph County residents and new comers alike.

We invite you to take time to learn more about St. Joseph County government, we hope that this website will assist you in finding the necessary tools to accommodate your needs and interests. St. Joseph County is continuing to expand its menu and to add topics of interest to its viewers.

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