Area Plan Commission - St. Joseph County, Indiana

The Commission was established in 1965 and serves as the plan commission for the City of South Bend, unincorporated St. Joseph County and the towns of Lakeville, New Carlisle, North Liberty, Osceola, and Roseland, Indiana. The Commission does not serve the City of Mishawaka nor the towns of Indian Village or Walkerton, which have their own plan commissions.

The Commission consists of 15 members who are appointed to represent our seven member units of government. The seven-member staff of the Commission works under the supervision of the Commission's Executive Director.

Commission Activities

The Commission's primary activities are comprehensive planning, zoning and the subdivision of land. By state law all petitions to rezone land within the Commission’s jurisdiction must be forwarded to the Commission for a report and recommendation. The staff prepares the report and recommendation for consideration by the Commission. The Commission, after holding a public hearing, will forward the petition and the Commission’s recommendation to the appropriate council for final action.

The Area Plan Commission has exclusive control over the subdivision of land within the above jurisdictions. All subdivisions, be they residential, commercial, industrial, etc. must be reviewed and approved by the Commission. The Commission has delegated this approval process to a Plat Committee. The Plat Committee consists of five individuals, one of whom must be a member of the Commission, appointed by the Commission. The members are appointed because of their knowledge of the development process.

The Commission is also responsible for preparing text and map amendments to the zoning ordinances for the above jurisdictions.

The Commission believes in providing quality service to our member units of government and to the general public. The staff is dedicated to providing the best service and product possible.

Enabling legislation:  36-7-4-202



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