St. Joseph County Traffic Violations Bureau
219 Lincoln Way West
Mishawaka, IN  46544
Office Hours:  8 AM – 4:30 PM Monday – Friday, except holidays

I Receveived A Ticket Now What Do I Do?

Please allow 5-7 days for your ticket to be filed with the court.  Please have your UTT# available when you call.

You have three options when you receive a ticket:

  • Set a court date to contest the ticket
  • Infraction Deferral Program
  • Pay the ticket

To set a court date - Call the number listed above. Offenses that must appear in court ALL Misdemeanor violations will receive a summons to appear in court Infractions - Driving While Suspended – Infraction, Interim, Altered or Dealer Plate Violations. Juvenile Alcohol Offenses must contact Probate Court at 574-235-5375

Ticket Deferral Program - The St. Joseph County Prosecutor’s office is in charge of the ticket deferral program.  You can see if you qualify for the program online at or by calling 574.245.6791. 

To pay a ticket - Look at the Schedule of Fines below and find the violation written on the ticket.  If the violation is not listed please call one of the numbers listed above.  If the violation is listed please send the amount listed in the form of a money order or certified check to the address above. Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you want a receipt. You have 40 days from the date of the violation to pay your ticket. If you need an extension to pay you must call for a court date.  If you want to pay by credit card you need to call the office for a case number and pay location code.  You can submit credit card payments online thru Government Payment Service at or by dialing 888-604-7888.  There is a service fee of 5% by telephone or 3.5% if paid online. 

You Must Pay the total listed within 40 days. We do no accept personal checks! Failure to pay on time may result in a suspension of your driving privledges and a $25.00 late fee.

Speeding Fines

The schedule below shows the fine and costs for each charge. You must pay the total amount for the first ticket and only the fine amount for any additional ticket received at the same time.  Court costs are set by the State Legislature and must be paid whether or not you appear in court unless you are found not guilty or the ticket is dismissed.

Speeding (IC 9-21-5-1) Unreasonable Speed fine is $10.00 + costs = $128.50.

Speeding (IC 9-21-5-2 & 9-21-5-3)

Speeding fines are $1.00 per mile over the speed limit.  (Ex. Speeding 45/30 the fine is $15.00.  Court costs are S118.50.  You would add the fine amount plus $118.50.  Total costs would be $133.50.  Maximum fine for Speeding is $35.00 as if July 1, 2010.


Calculate regular fine + costs + $300.00 for 1st offense
                                                   $500.00 for 2nd offense
                                                   $1,000.00 for 3rd offense




Offense                                                                                   Fine
108 Speeding 1-15 mph                                                      $25.00 + 118.50 = $143.50
       Speeding 16-25 mph                                                   $30.00 + 118.50 = $148.50
       Speeding 26 & over                                                    $40.00 + 118.50 = $158.50

8-20A Improper Passing                                                     $25.00 + 118.50 = $143.50
8-20B Disregarding Stop Sign                                            $10.00 + 118.50 = $128.50
8-20C Other Moving Violations                                           $5.00   + 118.50 = $123.50



17-10-11 Left of Center                                                        $10.00 + 118.50 = $128.50
17-13-7 No Parking Zone                                                     $25.00 + 118.50 = $143.50
17-13-8 Parking in Towing Zone                                         $25.00 + 118.50 = $143.50
17-22-3 Open Container Law                                              $50.00 + 118.50 = $168.50
17-6-4 Speeding 1-15 mph                                                  $25.00 + 118.50 = $143.50
            Speeding 16-25 mph                                              $30.00 + 118.50 = $148.50
            Speeding 26 & over                                               $40.00 + 118.50 = $158.50
17-9-10 Disregarding Traffic Signal                                    $10.00 + 118.50 = $128.50


48-05 Speeding 1-20 mph over                                            $1.00 per mile + 118.50
           Speeding 21 & over                                                  $3.00 per mile + 118.50
3-95 Curfew Violations 1st offense                                       $25.00
                                         2nd offense                                $100.00
                                         3rd offense                                  $200.00
80-99 Noise Ordinance 1st offense                                        $50.00
                                        2nd offense                                  $75.00
                                        3rd offense                                      $150.00                                                                                                          


STATE OFFENSES                                                             FINE

Compliance w/Fed Motor Carrier Safety Regulations           $143.50
Conservation Offenses                                                      $128.50
Disregarding Automatic Signal                                           $128.50
Disregarding Stop Sign                                                     $128.50
Disregarding Traffic Control Device                                      $128.50
Driving Left of Center                                                         $128.50
Driving While Suspended-Infraction                                     Call for court date
Driving Without Ever Having a License                                Will receive a court summons
Expired Driver’s License                                                   $118.50
Expired Plates                                                                 $118.50
Failure to Signal Turn or Lane Movement                            $128.50
Failure to Yield                                                                $128.50
Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle                               $128.50
Following Too Close                                                         $128.50
Furnishing Tobacco to Minor                                             $128.50
Handicapped Parking                                                        $128.50
Illegal U-Turn                                                                    $128.50
Improper Passing                                                              $128.50
Improper Registration                                                        $118.50
Improper Turn                                                                   $128.50
Leaky Load                                                                      $143.50
Learner’s Permit Violation                                                 $128.50
Leaving the Scene of an Accident                                        Will receive a court summons
Littering                                                                           $128.50
Minor In Possession of Tobacco                                        $128.50
Muffler Violation                                                                $123.50
No Child Restraint or Seatbelt                                            $25.00
No Financial Responsibility                                                $128.50
   ***Should set court date if you have insurance
No Valid License in Possession 9-19-10-3                          $118.50
   ***If you have a license issued prior to date of ticket must show within 30 days to be dismissed.

No Registration Plate                                                         $118.50
Open Container Violation                                                    $168.50
Operating While Intoxicated (OWI)                                      Court date
Passing in a No Passing Zone                                             $128.50
Reckless Driving                                                                  Will receive a court summons
Speed Too Fast to Avoid Collision                                        $128.50
Speeding Violations (See section above)
Throwing Lighted Object from Car                                        $128.50
Tinted Windows                                                                 $123.50
Unsafe Lane Movement                                                      $128.50
Unreasonable Speed                                                          $128.50
Unsafe Start                                                                      $128.50
Violation of Probationary License                                        $128.50
Wildlife Offenses                                                                $128.50
Wrong Way on a One Way                                         `       $128.50

If your ticketed offense is not listed, call the Clerk for fine and court costs.


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