Remote Access of Land Records

Data Search (Free)

You can access our land records from the convenience of your home or office. Data Only Search is to help the public and companies find document information online. If you need recording information to file property tax exemptions use this feature. Laredo and Tapestry are services provided by Fidlar Software and the St. Joseph County Recorder’s Office as an extension and alternative to our public access terminals located in our office.

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Laredo is an Internet access program designed for title insurance firms and other real estate related firms that need daily access to the land records in the St. Joseph County Recorder’s office. Access is available by password only, issued by the Recorder’s Office. The information is available 24 hours a day/7days a week.

Property Fraud Alert

The Recorder's Office in partnership with Fidlar Software is offering Property Fraud Alert, an automated database that monitors activity involving land records filed in the office. It is a FREE service.

Property Fraud occurs when someone records a fraudulent document in the Recorder's office making it look like they own the property.  They then go to a financial institution and obtain a loan on the property.

The Recorder's land records software provider, Fidlar Software, out of Rock Island, IL is the manager of the system.  After registering with the system, property owners will receive an alert by phone or e-mail any time a document pertaining to their property is recorded in the St. Joseph County Record's Office.

You may sign up for the free service at

Services Available

  • Full index inquiry for all documents recorded since 1992
  • Temporary index for same day recording information, including instrument number, date recorded, grantor, grantee and document type
  • Digital images of all documents recorded on or after January, 1992
  • System Requirements
    Laredo users must have the following:

  • Internet access (high speed)
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 or greater
  • Monitor capable of at least 1024x768

    Laredo Fee Schedule

    • 0-250 min $50/mo .20 per min
    • 251-1000 min $100/mo .15 per min
    • 1001-3000 min $200/mo .12 per min
    • 3001-6000 min $300/mo .10 per min
    • Unlimited min $500/mo $100/per extra user
    • **Per minute charge for each minute over the plan that was originally signed up for
    • There is also a copy fee of $1.00 per page for copies of documents.
    • Tapestry 2 ( is for individuals or companies that need only occasional
    • access.
    Benefits of Tapestry 2:
    • Access data in real time fashion
    • Image printing available. Copy fee is $1.00 per page
    • Search via these parameters: first and last name, beginning and ending date, consideration amount, document number, document type ,tract, and subdivision and parcel number.
    • No client software required. Search from any PC that has a connection to the Internet.
    • No monthly subscriptions required. Search fee is $5.95. There is no image viewing fee.
    • Pay as you go or apply for net-30 day terms with Fidlar


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