St. Joseph County Surveyor ’s Office


John R. McNamara, P.E., L.S. – County Surveyor


A registered Land Surveyor and Professional Engineer in the State of Indiana, John has been the County Surveyor since January of 1973. He has been a licensed Land Surveyor since 1968. John is active in several organizations including the Indiana Society of Professional Land Surveyors, serving on the Board of Directors; the Indiana County Surveyors Association, serving as a Vice President and Secretary; the Indiana State Board of Registration for Land Surveyors, serving as Chairman for five years; the Kankakee River Basin Commission, serving a term as President.

Steve DeCloedt – Construction Supervisor
Steve has worked for the County Surveyor’s office since June of 1990. He came from the Soil Conservation Service where he had worked for 13 years. Steve supervises all drainage construction in subdivisions outside the City limits of South Bend and Mishawaka as well as inspecting Regulated Drain projects. Steve also operates the GPS equipment for the County Surveyor’s office. 

John Law – Survey Technician I
John has worked for the County Surveyor’s office since August of 1998. Prior to that he was employed by IDNR. John is the County Surveyor’s representative on the Kankakee River Basin Commission. He is responsible for the inspection of Regulated Drains in St. Joseph County.

Susan Mesaros – Survey Technician III
Susan has been with the County Surveyor’s office since May of 2004. She is responsible for the data entry of all the technical information in the Surveyor’s office, including scanning the GPS data to the County GIS web page. She is also the Secretary of the Drainage Board.


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