St. Joseph County Tax Sale Process Nets Over $9.3 Million

The overall St. Joseph County tax sale process netted $9,371,944.96 in property taxes from delinquent real property parcels after the calculation of final receipts for this year’s sale.
As of July 1, 2010, 4766 properties in St. Joseph County were certified as tax sale eligible. Of that number 1819 property tax delinquencies were paid prior to the October 6, 2010 tax sale with delinquent taxes and penalty collections totaling $ 7,601,512.00. On the day of the tax sale an additional $ 1,770,432.96 was collected in taxes and penalties on the sale of 432 property tax liens of the 2725 that were offered for sale. In addition there were surplus bid collections of $ 5,407,419.60.

The tax sale process is critical to the continued productive tax paying life of a property and to revenue collection for local government. Properties that did not sell in the tax sale are expected to be offered in a Commissioner’s Certificate Sale in early 2011.
Property owners have a year from the date of the sale to redeem the property. Additional tax sale related charges may accrue during that period. To redeem a property sold in the tax sale please contact the St. Joseph County Auditor’s Office.

# Properties Certified: 4766
# Paid Prior to Sale: 1819
$ Collected Prior to Sale: $7,601,512.00

Date of Sale: Wednesday October 6, 2010
# Properties Offered: 2725
# Properties Sold: 432
Minimum Bid Total: $ 9,371944.96
Surplus Collected: $5,407419.60
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