St. Joseph County 2012 Property Tax Sale

News Release

County Tax Sale Collections

St. Joseph County’s 2012 tax sale process collections totaled $4,220,195.32 in delinquent taxes and penalties. The total includes $942,147.52 collected on 321 property tax liens sold at the tax sale. $ $3,278,047.80 in collections came from 894 payments made prior to the sale to remove properties from the certified tax sale eligible list.

An additional $4,236,064.14 was collected in surplus (bids over the minimum due). A surplus is returned to the successful bidder on a property if and when the property is redeemed. Properties can be redeemed for payment in full with cash or certified funds at the County Auditor’s Office. The current owner has 1 year from the day of the sale to redeem a property.

Please call the County Auditor’s Office to confirm amount to redeem property. The goal of the tax sale process is to collect delinquent taxes from non-paying properties to support local government and to facilitate change of ownership when necessary.

# Properties Certified:              3253
# Paid Prior to Sale:                849
$ Collected Prior to Sale:         $3,278,047.80

Date of Sale:
                           September 20, 2012

# Properties Offered:               2104
# Properties Sold:                    321
Minimum Bid Total:                 $981,572.52
Surplus Collected:                   $4,236,064.14


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