Zoning Verification

Request Form

Basic Zoning Verification Letter ($50) - Includes confirmation of zoning and/or confirmation of approved or special uses

Detailed Zoning Verification Letter ($100)* - Includes confirmation of zoning, conformance with development standards, outstanding violations, variances and Special Use/Exception approvals, etc.

Rebuild Letter Request Form

Rebuild Letter ($50) - Includes confirmation of zoning, confirmation if current/proposed use is permitted, and rebuild confirmation

Certificate of Legally Non-conforming Use - Confirms the current use and/or development standards are legally nonconforming.

* Confirmation provided in the Zoning Document will only be a confirmation of what exists or does not exist on file with the Area Plan Commission. Further confirmation of conformance or ability to rebuild may require application for a different letter or certificate. Additional information may be available through another office beyond our control.  

Please allow 7 business day for processing of your request. If additional information is required that will delay the response, the staff will contact the applicant accordingly.

To Avoid Delays:

  1. JURISDICTION - Check the JURISDICTION the property falls into. We supply this service for the City of South Bend, and most of St. Joseph county, but some towns and cities take care of these items on their own. 
  2. FEES - Verify the fee amount. A single fee can be paid for multiple properties that have the same zoning, ownership, and are adjacent to each other. If the properties are separated by a street, alley or another property a separate application and fee will need to be submitted.