DuComb Center


Protecting public safety and reducing recidivism by providing non-violent offenders appropriate placements with supervision, treatment and referral services.

DuComb Center

Established in 1982, the DuComb Center was one of the first work release facilities in the state of Indiana. It is a community-based residential facility located near the South Bend Airport. Funded through the Indiana Department of Corrections and user fees, DuComb Center is administered by the Community Corrections Advisory Board. It serves as an alternative to incarceration, and provides programming in job readiness, substance abuse and cognitive skills.


DuComb Center supervises over 600 offenders each year, and offers extensive program options to provide the most effective sentencing options based on offender history and need. Offenders who are supervised through DuComb receive individualized treatment plans designed to ensure their success after completing their sentences. These treatment plans address any substance abuse or behavioral issues the offender might have, in addition to job-readiness training to help them secure employment.

Program Offerings

  •     Work Release: capacity of 88 men and 20 women. This residential program diverts non-violent, high-level felony offenders from the Indiana Department of Corrections. With an emphasis on rehabilitation, this program is designed to accommodate the majority of non-violent felons sentenced by St. Joseph County Courts as well as offenders sentenced in neighboring counties. This program can also be used as a sanction for probation violations, as well as referrals from the Drug Court and for individuals who fail to pay their court-ordered child support obligations.
  •     Home Detention: this program offers an alternative for low-risk offenders who have mandatory sentences they would otherwise have to serve in jail or with the Department of Corrections. Home detention provides 24/7 electronic monitoring, regular home visits and random drug and alcohol screenings.
  •     Day Reporting: This program is most appropriate for low-level felons and misdemeanants, and includes daily reporting to DuComb center, weekly meetings with case managers and regular home visits.
  •     Community Transition Program (CTP): this program serves offenders who are still under Department of Correction supervision but who have been approved to serve the remainder of their sentence (up to 180 days) with Community Corrections. All CTP participants begin their placement in residence at DuComb Center, but can earn the ability to transition to home detention.
  •     Community Service: Offenders who have been court-ordered to perform community service are supervised by a Community Service Coordinator and provide free services to a range of local non-profit and government agencies.