Curbside Recycling Fee

On August 29, 2016, a public meeting was held by the Board of Directors (Board) for the Solid Waste Management District of St. Joseph County (SWMD).  With an eye on reducing costs, the Board approved that Recycling fees will now be collected as a "Special Assessment" on County Property tax rolls.  $20.00 will be collected with property taxes twice annually.  City of South Bend residents will no longer be billed on the Water Bill.  County residents will not receive paper bills.


If you currently have an "automatic payment" set-up with a bank, credit union, or credit card it needs to be cancelled.  Effective immediately, the SWMD will no longer accept cash, check, or credit card payments.  If there is a "delinquent" balance, it will be added to the tax bill.

Each resident is eligible for one free cart. You can order a bin by contacting Borden Waste-Away Service at 800-683-6801.

Electronic Disposal

Residents can deliver electronics anytime during business hours. Electronics from businesses or institutions will be accepted only through prior arrangement with the District.

All electronics are accepted free of charge.

Visit the Electronic Disposal page.

Household Hazardous Wastes

Currently Household Hazardous Waste services are free, however, this is subject to change. Please check back again to view fee changes and updates.

Visit the Household Hazardous Waste page.