Archives & Records

The Archives and Records Center provides St. Joseph County and City offices with records storage.


The center stores various sets of historical data including, but not limited to genealogy research, marriage licenses dating back from 1832, marriage applications from 1905, divorce records, wills and other affidavits.

Records available through the South Bend Area Genealogical Society are: 

  • Adoptions Index, up to July, 1941.
  • Adoptions Index, Superior Court Index (1908-1927).
  • Burial Permits Index (1879-1915), South Bend and Mishawaka, Indiana.
  • Coroner’s Records Index, (1879-1960). Confidential for 75 years.
  • Dentist License Records Index (1892-1975).
  • Divorce Records Index (1832-1980’s). Project in progress.
  • Doctor and Midwife License Records Index (1892-1975).
  • Estate Records Index (1832-1980’s). Confidential Inheritance Tax information starting 1919. Project in progress.
  • Firearm Permits Index (1929-1943).
  • Marriage Databases Index (1832-2013).
  • Name Changes Index (1832-1980’s). Project in progress.
  • Naturalization Index (1856-1954).
  • Pensioner’s Index (1860-1890).
  • Time & Place of Birth Records Index.
  • Wills Index (1830-1971).