Work Program

Recurring Work Program Elements

  • Administer zoning applications
  • Administer subdivision applications
  • Participate in the Plan Review process (Building Department.)
  • Provide GIS-related assistance to the general public and government agencies
  • Review Area Board of Zoning Appeals petitions
  • Research and administer ordinance text changes
  • Review street and alley vacation requests

Members & Participants

  • Member - Active Transportation Steering Committee (MACOG)
  • Member - Cobus Creek Steering Committee
  • Member - Drinking Water Protection Plan Technical Working Group (Health Department)
  • Member - Juday Creek Task Force (MACOG)
  • Member - Transportation Technical Advisory Committee (MACOG)
  • Participant - Brownfields Coalition (South Bend, St. Joseph County, Mishawaka)
  • Participant - Economic Development Roundtable (Chamber of Commerce)
  • Participant - St. Joseph Regional Water and Sewer District (St. Joseph County)

2016 Work Program Initiatives

  • Assist the Executive Director for St. Joseph County Economic Development in a wide variety of economic development efforts:
    • Master land use and annexation plan for industrial area east of New Carlisle
    • Toll Road corridor plan
    • 933 Corridor Plan
    • County trail projects
    • Developers handbook
  • Complete the Town of Lakeville's Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances
  • Complete redrafting the St. Joseph County Subdivision Ordinance
  • Digitize and correct Final Site Plan GIS layer
  • Digitizing Plan Commission Zoning and Subdivisions files
  • Digitize Written Commitments
  • Drafting of the Town of North Liberty's Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances
  • Initial steps towards redrafting the South Bend and St. Joseph County Zoning Ordinances
  • Replacement of the City of South Bend Subdivision Ordinance