Duties & Responsibilities

Annexation Descriptions
Maintains annexation descriptions for each city and town.

Legal Survey Book
Maintains a legal survey record book for all legal surveys within the County. A legal survey is a survey prepared by a licensed land surveyor with notice to all adjoining landowners to resolve property disputes.

 Section Corner Perpetuation
Must keep and maintain a corner record book showing original government section corners. The Surveyor must check and reference at least 5% of all corners shown in the Corner Record Book and establish, locate, and reference at least 5% of all original corners each year.
Maintains files of completed surveys in the County, making them available to surveyors for research. These are filed by Section, Township, and Range.

 State Plane Coordinates
There are over 1,800 Section Corners, and Quarter Section Corners in St. Joseph County that have been updated with State Plane Coordinates using Global Positioning Satellites (GPS).

County Addressing
Responsible for assigning residential and commercial addresses to all unincorporated areas of St. Joseph County.  

Certification to Alcoholic Beverage Commission
Prior to the Indiana Alcoholic Beverage Commission issuing a new Alcoholic Beverage Permit to an establishment in St. Joseph County, the Surveyor must certify the permit location.

 Planning Commission
 Is a member of the Area Plan Commission. As a member of the APC, they attend the monthly meeting and make decisions on rezoning matters. As a member of the APC Plat Committee, they review and act on every subdivision proposed in South Bend and St. Joseph County (with the exception of the City of Mishawaka and Roseland).

Drainage Board
Serves as an "Ex-Officio Member" of the Drainage Board. Their role is to oversee construction on all tile and open ditches and answer complaints about drainage problems.