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The CASA Office of St. Joseph County is on Facebook! We'd like you to join us!


Thank you to all of our Facebook (FB) page visitors-especially those of you who use our website and the Facebook page as a way to deepen your connection to other people engaged in the important work of finding safe, permanent homes for abused and neglected children. We have committed to expanding our communication with members of the CASA community by posting news and responding as quickly as we can to questions raised here.


We truly appreciate your comments and insights. We are a community that values mutual respect and civility. Disagreements, debates, and discussions are to be expected - that is often how we learn from each other. It is important that we engage in these conversations in a way that is respectful and positive.


Please treat each other with respect. Name calling and offensive or foul language just is not acceptable. We want a free and open discussion, but we will delete posts that are overly disruptive to the community.

Also, never post your personal contact information here. If you need to reach us or contact us directly by email or by phone 574-233-CASA (2722). Sharing contact information is neither safe nor wise. We are committed to taking every step to protect everyone's privacy, which also means no posting of case information. Help us with that!!


Finally, advertising or solicitation is not the purpose of our page. Posts including advertising or promoting a specific website, event, or organization will be deleted.

Online tools can help us expand the CASA movement. We encourage all of our supporters to be involved. Let's treat each other with dignity and respect and build a strong and effective online community to make a difference in the lives of abused and neglected children.