Articles & Resources

Understanding & Empathy

At CASA our goal is to help our volunteers and community members better understand the foster care and child welfare system. Without having been through the process yourself, the complexity of things can seem overwhelming. Below are resources that can help you navigate through the system and provide helpful advice on being an effective volunteer, or empathetic community member.


National CASA - The website for the National CASA Organization. Information regarding conferences, meetings, and guidelines can be found here.

National CASA Quarterly Publication - National CASA publishes this quarterly magazine to highlight different programs, provide articles, and point readers at resources available to volunteers.

St. Joseph County Probate Court - The CASA Office is located inside of the Thomas N Fredrick Juvenile Justice Center. We work closely with the clerks, Judges, Magistrates and other staff at the JJC to look out for the best interests of our CASA kids.

Juvenile Justice Bulletin (PDF) - March 1997- This bulletin deals strictly with CASA Programs.