South Bend Tribune

South Bend Tribune

For the Love of Children series in response to the death of Tramelle Sturgis

  1. Does Boys Death Point to a Larger Problem (PDF)
  2. Is Juvenile System Too Closed (PDF)
  3. Transcript from a Tribune Live Chat (PDF)

Articles outlining changes in the Child Welfare System

  1. Child Abuse Reports Now Funneled Through Indy (PDF)
  2. Childrens Campus Will Close 5 Units by the End of March 28 Displaced (PDF)
  3. DCS We Investigate More Not Fewer Abuse Complaints (PDF)
  4. Father Describes Hard Lessons (PDF)
  5. Im Never Going to Keep My Mouth Shut Again (PDF)
  6. Residential Placement Aides Abused Teen in Getting Life Back on Track (PDF)

Additional Articles

Need Great for CASA Volunteers (PDF) - South Bend Tribune article written by Virginia Black.