Michiana Greenway Plan - Resources

Resources & Guidelines

The following resources describe trail types, case studies and recommended trail standards.

Prepared by

  • April Gutierez
  • Jon Guard
  • Megan Dryden
  • Nina Herskedal
  • Sara Metz
Prepared by students of the Purdue University School of Landscape Architecture under the guidance of Professor Bernie Dahl.

Useful Documents

Resources & Guidelines

  1. Greenways Purdue (PPT)
  2. Greenways Resources (PDF)
  3. LaPorte County Map Analysis (PDF)
  4. LaPorte County Map Printable (PDF)
  5. Regional Map Analysis (PDF)
  6. Regional Map Final (PDF)

Resource Articles

  1. Benefits of Trails and Greenways (PDF)
  2. Economic Benefits of Trails and Greenways (PDF)
Note: Most Documents are very large and will take a while to download if you do not have a broadband connection.