Local Landmarks

The interactive map is designed to provide Historic property information for locations within St Joseph County. The map also includes information such as street names, parcel boundaries, and city boundaries. This mapping application can also be viewed in full-screen.

What is a Local Landmark?

A Local Landmark is a building, site, landscape, structure, object, or area that demonstrates the historic and/or architectural significance of a period in South Bend, St. Joseph County, the region, the state, or the nation. 

In St. Joseph County and South Bend, places, buildings, structures, and objects are officially designated by either the South Bend Common Council or the County Council after due study and public hearing. Designation as a Local Landmark may be based on historic or architectural significance, or both. Suitability for preservation and the educational opportunities are also considered. 

Once designated by the appropriate body, the Historic Preservation Commission administers preservation standards that apply to the exterior of structures, and to the surrounding designated landscape. Most historic landmarks in St. Joseph County and South Bend adhere to Group B Standards with the exception of Leeper Park, for which a unique set of standards has been written.