Personal Property Filing Information

If your personal property has a total acquisition cost less than $20,000 for the assessment date, complete a Personal Property Exemption Certification. Forms are available at the Department of Local Government Finance website or can be obtained in our office.  You do not need to complete forms 103 & 104 if you file for the exemption.

All Personal Property Forms must be returned to the St. Joseph County Assessor's Office.
Due Date: May 15, postmark accepted. (Penalties apply after this date) Early filings are greatly appreciated. No extensions will be granted.
Amended ReturnsTimely filed returns may be amended without penalty within 6 months or after 6 months but less than 12 months with a 10% reduction of the amount of the credit or refund per IC 6-1.1-3-7.5
Business Closed?: If your business closed prior to January 1st of the assessment year, please sign your Form 104, note the closure date, and return your Form 104 to the County Assessor’s office.
Activity Codes: You must fill in your NAICS business activity code (2012 version).  This number can be obtained from your Federal Income Tax form then Census Bureau.
Form 103: Include your Federal ID number or your Social Security number. The DLGF requires that all questions on the forms be answered to avoid a non-compliance penalty of $25.00.  We observe strict confidentiality rules.

Form 104: Please complete and sign on page 1.

103-N & 103-O: Use 103-O for equipment you OWN and lease to others, use 103-N for equipment you do NOT OWN, but lease.

Attention Leasing Companies: Many townships have multiple taxing jurisdictions.  Reporting assets in the correct taxing jurisdiction is essential.  Those who report multiple filings for the same assets will be assessed as submitted unless an amended return is filed on the timely filed return.
Taxpayer:  Please be consistent in reporting the correct Taxpayer Name and DBA Name
ERA: Businesses reporting a tax abatement (Form 103:ERA/Property Tax Investment Credit) must file the corresponding forms with the personal property form.

Signatures:  All returns must be signed by both your tax preparer (if applicable) and the authorized company representative.